Halloween Art

This year our 3rd and 4th class pupils had the opportunity to make  Halloween art using different artistic media. Sinéad Spring gave her time to the school to do Halloween Art using glitter glue, glow in the dark paint and paint pens on canvas backgrounds. The children enjoyed the experience and created many scary pumpkins, skeletons and witches.


Art Competition

The local Ladies GAA club ran their annual Halloween Art competition at the end of October. Congratulations to Ruben Fallon, Seán Downes and Nicola Sexton who took the prizes from 3rd and 4th class. Prizes were presented by chairperson Loretta Hanrahan.


Book Fair 2016

3rd and 4th class enjoyed reading and exploring the selection of books offered for sale during our Book Fair this year. Scholastic books provided the books for the fair and the children bought books which they were interested in. When the book Fair ended our room availed of a new set of books for our classroom Library. The following photographs show  how engrossed the children were during their reading session.


The Famine Project

At the beginning of November 3rd and 4th class participated in a History project on The Famine. They participated in teams of four and covered areas such as

How did the Famine begin?


Dress back then

How long did the Famine last?

All projects are displayed on the classroom walls.