Facilities and Resources


We are very fortunate at Annagh N.S. to have a very well equipped school. Within the building there are four classrooms, a learning support/resource room, hall and a computer room.

Annagh N.S. is a multimedia learning environment and is extremely well equipped in the area of Information Technology. Each of the four classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, computers and numerous education computer programmes. We have a dedicated computer room containing 12 computers, networked to our classroom computers for pupils school use. Within this room there is also a scanner/colour photocopier, document visualiser, digital camera, television and video player and multimedia software. Children also get the opportunity to visit and use the computer room in the school as required. We hope that every pupil completes their primary education with a competent degree of computer literacy.

Each classroom has a library where there is an abundance of reading books for the children. The books are graded so children are reading a level that is appropriate for them. There are story books, science books, history books, geography books and novels in every classroom. Annagh N.S. uses the ‘Junior Librarian’ system whereby all books are catalogued on our networked computer system. This allows children to take home and return library books using the ‘Junior Librarian’ scanning system.

Every child has access to science equipment, musical instruments, art & craft materials and many more educational resources that enhance learning and education. Every effort is made to provide whatever is needed to develop the school lives of the children and give them every opportunity to reach their full potential.

There are three yards and a sports field for the children to play on during break times. In each yard there are games painted on the ground for the children to play.

Annagh N.S. has a hall with a large stage for indoor activities and school assemblies. The children perform a Christmas Show every second year. Our community really looks forward to our Christmas concert which takes place in December. We also prepare for the Féile na hInse competition each Spring.

Children are taught the art of cooking at various festive occasions during the school year, e.g. Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Pancake Tuesday.