Music and Drama



At Annagh N.S. we recogniseimg_4231b that children of all ages and abilities have potential in music and drama, and this type of education celebrates individual differences among them. The child’s musical expression and responses to musical and dramatic experience are valid, and their creations and innovations are fostered and valued. Music and Drama are important areas of the Primary School Curriculum at Annagh N.S.


Music and Drama are art forms deeply rooted in human nature. They offer lifelong opportunities for the development of imagination, sensitivity, inventiveness, risk taking and enjoyment.
Music and Drama education brings the child to an awareness and appreciation of his/her unique cultural environment and ethos. At Annagh N.S we aspire to nurture and develop your child’s musical and dramatic ability.
We are very fortunate that all our Teachers play musical instruments.i.e. tin whistle, keyboard/piano, violin/fiddle, concertina, cello, concert flute and guitar. Pupils from 2nd class up enjoy tin whistle classes weekly at Annagh N.S. Children who are learning an instrument outside school are also encouraged to play that instrument along with the tin whistle during our music classes each week.. Mrs. O Dea teaches our school’s Grúpa Cheoil.

Our pupils sing and play in all the main church ceremonies accompanied by our Teachers, during the year including Christmas, Easter, First Holy Communion, Confirmation and our annual school mass, all under the baton of Mrs. O Dea.

All our pupils participate in the Annagh N.S. Christmas Concert for all their families and friends. Drama plays a huge part in the lives of our children at Annagh N.S. Our school has a great and proud tradition of concerts, shows and dramatic productions. We are delighted that our G.P Room has a large stage, which hosts various performances throughout the year. It’s a wonderful addition and we look forward to working with our children on shows and upcoming productions in the future.

Our school has been synonymous with traditional Irish music, song, dance and drama over the years. Keeping the tradition alive, our pupils have won the Scoraíocht section of Féile na hInse on the last five occasions we have entered it under the baton of Mrs. o Dea. This involves music, song, dance and drama, ‘as Gaeilge’, subject areas that make school more interesting for our pupils.


Each year our school enters the Grúpa Gheoil (Music Group) at the Féile na hInse competition.  We are delighted to take part in it always as it gives pupils a chance to showcase their progress and talent.

It is important to stress that school is not all about competition. Competition is just one way of validating the skill levels of some children, who have reached a particularly high standard, but participation and enjoyment are the primary ways of validating success for all pupils at Annagh N.S. We see the value of our children performing on stage – the fun, excitement and confidence building is wonderful. The children enjoy these experiences and gain great memories.

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